# Introduction

Next to creating Workflows, the Configuration Center also supports you in monitoring and managing "Reactive Engine Clusters". You can find these functions under "Operations" Tab.

Only one Cluster can be managed at a time. Which cluster you work with, is determined by the selection in the drop-down box (1):

Cluster architecture (Operations --> Introduction)

The setup of Clusters available for selection can only be done in an open Project under Project --> Deployments. It is possible to either define

  1. Project dependent Clusters (1): Clusters which are part of a Project and only available when the Project is opened.
  2. Global Clusters (2): These Clusters are also available for selection when no Project is opened.
Types of Clusters (Operations --> Introduction)

It is then possible to select these Clusters in the Cluster Tab (1):

Selecting Clusters (Operations --> Introduction)

# Next

The next sections will explain how to:

  • Start, stop and remove Deployments
  • Schedule and balance the number of Workflows
  • Coordinate how data is accessed
  • Manage users and roles on the Cluster
  • Manage secret keys
  • View activity logs for all of the above
  • and more
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