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# v0.9.5


SPA-467 Uncaught exception in filter of access corrdinator

SPA-464 Prevent continuous polling of clusters that are not selected anymore

SPA-458 Cluster login dialog during deployment does not default to login when enter button is pressed

SPA-455 New assets are not selectable in Workflow -> add from existing asset

SERVER-561 JavaScript: Closing a connection for the second time leads to a NullPointer exception

SERVER-560 Rest server does not handle the AuthenticationFailedException with a 4xx failure

SERVER-559 Generic format does not provide the context information for mapping errors

SERVER-553 Clusternodes in failure state are not show with their correct address in cluster node view (state is used instead)

SERVER-552 Timer input processor fails if more than two instances of the same stream run on the same cluster node

SERVER-544 HTTP service does not allow service functions with an empty path


SPA-469 Store generic format definitions in a version control system friendly manner

SPA-468 Store JavaScripts in a version control system friendly manner

SPA-466 Asynchronous/synchronous service calls from JavaScript

SPA-465 Compatible SPA and Server status classes

SPA-463 Individual slider positions for all tabs in audit view

SPA-462 Live view for log files

SPA-461 Persistent state for all cluster component viewers

SPA-460 Rest interface to get the state of the sniffer directory

SPA-459 Improved display of cluster node failures

SPA-457 Add metrics to Workflow view in Engine-State Viewer

SPA-456 REST interface to get workflow metrics

SPA-454 Bugfixes and improvements in HTTP format configuration

SPA-453 REST interface to get workflow detail information

SPA-452 Generic Workflow Viewer

SPA-427 Consistent HTTP error handling

SERVER-566 Store generic format definitions in a version control system friendly manner

SERVER-565 Store JavaScripts in a version control system friendly manner

SERVER-563 Separated terminal element has to support optional fields at the end of the record

SERVER-562 Improved mapping error messages

SERVER-557 Log status information when node tries to connect to the cluster

SERVER-556 Live view for log files

SERVER-555 Rest interface to get the state of the sniffer directory

SERVER-554 Improved detection of cluster node failures

SERVER-550 Create own leveldbjni-all jar which also includes the for arm7l (32bit raspberry pi)

SERVER-549 Include sample scripts for the linux systemd to the installer

SERVER-548 Installer for AARCH64 needed.

SERVER-547 REST interface to get workflow metrics

SERVER-546 Move HTTP service, source and format into a separate module

SERVER-545 Environment and secret settings have to be expandable from within JavaScript

SERVER-543 Convert DataDictionary class into an interface

SERVER-542 REST interface to get workflow detail information

SERVER-541 Asynchronous invocation of service functions

# v0.9.4


SPA-451 Shelf fails to paste messages in the root folder

SPA-450 Timestamp in Status Entry displays is misleading

SPA-449 Inheritance for failure handling does not work

SPA-447 Failure notification should allow string and error as parameter

SPA-444 Project Workflow: Adding new processor to workflow, does not display processor icon

SERVER-540 Activation controller state is reported as "unconnected", when no tag is assigned

SERVER-539 Recovery state of the scheduler master is always reported as FAILURE

SERVER-538 JavaScript Status.Create(...) fails for null arguments with a Java NullPointer exception

SERVER-537 Auditing kind FORMAT does not exist.


SPA-448 Message sniffer

SPA-446 Improve tooltips

SPA-445 Integrate Documentation into Configuration Center

SPA-443 Project Workflow: Palette should only be visible with Workflow open

SERVER-535 Message sniffer

# v0.9.3


SPA-441 Deployment is not possible (due to changes in 0.9.3)

SPA-440 Exception in Settings view

SPA-437 Can copy processors in Workflow through CTRL-Drag on a processor --> this creates a fake copy of the processor

SPA-436 DataDictionary Editor --> Emptying a field leads to editor crash.

SPA-426 Generic Format Asset --> Sample Messages --> Copy button does not work

SPA-425 Opening an Asset with a script editor (Javascript, Arguments, etc), sets asset to modified

SPA-423 Pollable source metric viewer throws exception when used with a pre 0.9 server


SPA-434 Rename SimpleScript to QuickScript

SPA-433 Use composition API for MonacoEditor component

SPA-432 Mark Quick Script fields with QS-Icon

SPA-431 ASN.1 support

SPA-430 Copy and paste of workflows

SPA-429 Common Copy/Paste behavior in all project tabs

SPA-428 Paste of assets in test tab leads to an exception

SPA-424 Support of runtime failures for sources

SERVER-534 Security storage should be able to import keys from the file system

SERVER-533 Rename SimpleScript to QuickScript

SERVER-531 ASN.1 support

SERVER-530 Enable user authentication in all reactive engine rest controllers

SERVER-528 Pollable source should report runtime failures.

SERVER-527 Move format generic to a separate plugin module

# v0.9.2


SPA-422 Input UDP Asset: Error "ref is not defined"

SPA-421 SimpleScript Monaco Editor --> context menu layer problem --> see image

SPA-420 Service Input Processor Asset throws errors when creating/opening it in the UI

SPA-419 Input Message Processor Asset throws errors when creating/opening it in the UI

SPA-418 UDP Input Processor Asset throws errors when creating/opening it in the UI

SPA-416 Missing function configuration card in cassandra service editor.

SPA-413 Language server protocol is not working

SPA-363 Editing a value in a sorted environment asset triggers an unsorting and editing in a wrong value field

SPA-322 MessageAccessorInput.vue does not support better name matching anymore.

SPA-321 MessageAccessorInput.vue does not support inheritance


SPA-414 Use SQL syntax highlighting for the JDBC service

SERVER-526 Use new InheritableMessageAccessor component in JDBC service editor

SERVER-43 Intellisense for message accessors

SERVER-42 API for UI to test FTP connections

SERVER-21 Language Server Protocol

# v0.9.1


SPA-412 Generic asset dependencies for processors and workflows do not work anymore

SERVER-525 Language server protocol is not working


SPA-415 Use JSON syntax highlighting for the cassandra driver arguments

SPA-411 Show startup time in cluster overview

SERVER-524 Show startup time in cluster overview

SERVER-29 Language Protocol Server GenericFormat/HOCON

# v0.9.0


SPA-405 GoJS version cannot be greater than 2.1.x

SPA-401 LanguageClient error when invoking Monaco Editor

SPA-396 Unable to add new project from unzipped project file

SPA-394 Intellisense menu in MonacoEditor.vue shows with great offset at wrong position

SPA-393 “editorOptions” passed as string and not as reference in JdbcFunctionEditor.vue

SPA-392 Wrong wording “Encrypted Password” of function to substitute macros in passwords in credentials

SPA-384 External asset change dialog pops up when saving new assets

SPA-383 InheritableSecretSelect.vue > props are non optional

SPA-382 Fix “Unknown” Editors to work with generic MonacoEditor

SPA-378 Name of assets in AssetEditor not changing when modified in related editor

SPA-374 Error “Couldn't start client Sample Language Client”

SPA-373 Workflow View -> show error if not all ports connected

SPA-372 Date time picker not functioning properly any more

SPA-371 Narrow input -> Entry is displaced below field

SPA-370 Uncaught exception when a service function without result is called

SPA-367 Editing a value in a sorted secret asset triggers an unsorting and editing in a wrong value field

SPA-366 Sorting in Secrets and Environments —> not saved

SPA-365 Components containing MonacoEditor.vue signal “modified” on mount

SPA-358 Missing model in Workflow.js —> setDependencyForNode

SPA-357 Enable to post-load assets from list of assetUuids

SPA-356 DeploymentTree does not display dependencies in Deployment Storage View

SPA-355 Clusters are not updated in Cluster-drop down

SPA-33 Fix icons in asset tree view

SERVER-522 Akka streams dry out for non tree graphs

SERVER-506 Deploy all flag in engine configuration is not evaluated.

SERVER-505 ExclusivePartitionController fails to revoke the partition on failures

SERVER-498 Delete file system notification is not sent for assets deleted by the config server itself

SERVER-489 JDBC service fails to handle non-existing optional parameters

SERVER-488 Activation of a deployment in the deployment storage does not always succeed

SERVER-487 Deletion of workflows from within the workflow view does not work

SERVER-486 Reactive engine fails to activate workflows without flow processors

SERVER-485 Generic format: empty tokens at the end of the stream are reported as failures

SERVER-464 Mapping failures are not handled

SERVER-461 Filesystem source does not evaluate the filter regular expression

SERVER-460 Text.Double and Text.Decimal values are using grouping characters as default

SERVER-260 Export of workflows with unconnected ports is possible

SERVER-71 Bad error message when deploying unconnected ports.


SPA-256 Import/Export assets/messages

SPA-408 Adjust S3 GUI to the available features of the 0.9.0 version

SPA-406 S3 source needs filter, prefix and suffix regular expression configuration

SPA-403 v0.9.0 improvements

SPA-400 Use crontab control for all crontab configurations

SPA-399 Security storage

SPA-398 Improvement of StatusTooltip.vue

SPA-397 FTP connection asset

SPA-395 Kafka connection asset

SPA-390 Introduction of Connection asset class

SPA-387 Update of the S3 GUI

SPA-385 Rename “delete project” to “remove project”

SPA-381 GUI for new Time/Count based splitter mode of the StreamBoundary processor

SPA-380 User authentication for the Kafka client

SPA-379 Typescript interface for the persistent state of the SPA

SPA-377 Usage of typescript for further SPA components

SPA-376 Usage of codingame monaco language client

SPA-375 Service test UI

SPA-369 Default output names of input processors contain spaces

SPA-361 Stream input processor needs "rollback on mapping errors" configuration

SPA-359 Configuration server has to monitor the file system for external changes

SPA-350 Export project (or parts) as zip file

SPA-341 UI for the timer based source

SPA-316 Testing configuration in deployments

SPA-255 Import/Export messages/assets

SPA-252 Service-Testing during configuration

SPA-224 Change PortConfigurationCard to normal input fields instead of popup edits

SPA-222 Input UDP Editor

SPA-167 StreamBoundary processor needs a splitting mode based on time and/or messages

SPA-53 Cluster node roles in assets

SPA-25 Project wide renaming of node into processor

SPA-18 FormatJSON Editor

SERVER-520 Update FTP for the usage of subfolders

SERVER-519 Handling of subdirectories and file prefixes/suffices

SERVER-517 v0.9.0 improvements

SERVER-514 Try to remove external configuration files (keystores, certificates ...)

SERVER-513 FTP connection asset

SERVER-512 Kafka connection asset

SERVER-511 Introduction of Connection asset class

SERVER-510 Kafka source shall provide the lag as a metric

SERVER-509 Update S3 plugin with features of the newest version

SERVER-504 Remove Kotlin usage from module layline-engine-testkit

SERVER-503 User authentication for the Kafka client

SERVER-501 Service tests require a unique UUID for all service functions.

SERVER-495 Automatic keep-alive Ping support for WebSocket connections

SERVER-493 Convert the config server to Akka typed

SERVER-492 Remove "SLF4J: The following set of substitute loggers ..." message at startup

SERVER-490 Special handling of UnrecognizedPropertyException when reading assets

SERVER-484 Port format and service controllers/actors to Akka typed

SERVER-476 Evaluation of cluster node roles before Sink, Source and Service activation

SERVER-475 Evaluation of cluster node roles before workflow activation

SERVER-474 Introduce right to get Private Keys

SERVER-459 Configuration server has to monitor the file system for external changes

SERVER-458 Export project (or parts) as zip file

SERVER-457 Import of zipped projects

SERVER-450 Timer based source

SERVER-444 Testing configuration in deployments

SERVER-442 Service-Testing during configuration

SERVER-233 StreamBoundary processor needs a splitting mode based on time and/or messages

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