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# Installation Requirements

Version 0.7.4
Date: September 2021

# Hardware Requirements

Type Requirement
Platform Windows: x86 / MacOS: x86 or Mx / Linux: AMD or ARM
Disk 350MB

# Software requirements

Type Requirement
Chrome last 10 versions
Firefox last 10 versions
Edge last 4 versions
Safari last 7 versions
Opera last 5 versions

Mobile browsers are not tested, but will likely work. In general, the web-UI is not designed for or tested for mobile platforms.

Internet Explorer is not supported

# Download

Make sure you have downloaded for your respective operating system. You can check and download the latest version from our main website here (opens new window).


On linux, or MacOS you can also download via curl:

# Depending on your CPU architecture:
curl -O
# or
curl -O

You can check recent changes in our Release Notes.

# Installation

Let's go ahead and run the installation now.

# Windows / MacOS

Run the installer:

For MacOS: is not signed by Apple. You will therefore get a warning. Hit ok and then Alt + Right-click and select open from the menu. Don't worry, there is nothing "fishy" in the software.

Hit next until you see:

These are standard communication ports required by If they don't collide with anything you are already running, then just leave the defaults.

The installation should finish without issues.

# Linux

Next, pick and run the installer for your target processor architecture:

Accept the defaults or change according to your environment.

root@b8a9e28ce031:/layline# ./
Unpacking JRE ...
Starting Installer ...
This will install on your computer.
OK [o, Enter], Cancel [c]

Click Next to continue, or Cancel to exit Setup.
Select the folder where you would like to be installed, then
click Next.
Where should be installed?

Choose the listening ports for the layline components
Config Server REST Port

Reactive Engine REST Port

Reactive Engine Akka Port

Create symlinks?
Yes [y, Enter], No [n]

Select the folder where you would like to create symlinks, then click Next.

Extracting files ...
Setup has finished installing on your computer.

# Uninstall

If you want to uninstall, you can run the respective uninstallers on Windows or MacOS.

On Linux there is an uninstaller in your installation directory:

root@b8a9e28ce031:/usr/local/layline# ./uninstall
Are you sure you want to completely remove and all of its components?
Yes [y, Enter], No [n]

Uninstalling 0.7.4 ... was successfully removed from your computer.
Finishing uninstallation ...

Project data will not be uninstalled

In case you have created some Projects with, these will remain and must be deleted manually.

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