# Source Kafka

# Purpose

Defines the inbound connection parameters for a Kafka Source. This Asset is required by:

# Prerequisite

You need:

# Configuration

# Name & Description

Name & Description (Kafka Source Asset)

Name : Name of the Asset. Whitespaces are not allowed in the name.

Description : Enter a description.

The Asset Usage box shows how many times this Asset is used and which parts are referencing it. Click to expand and then click to follow, if any.

# Required roles

Required Roles (Kafka Source Asset)

In case you are deploying to a Cluster which is running (a) Reactive Engine Nodes which have (b) specific Roles configured, then you can restrict use of this Asset to those Nodes with matching roles. If you want this restriction, then enter the names of the Required Roles here. Otherwise, leave empty to match all Nodes (no restriction).

# Kafka Connection

Kafka Connection (Kafka Source Asset)

Select the Kafka Connection to use with this Asset. If it does not exist, you need to create it first.

# Additional Kafka Properties

Use this section to add configuration parameters available for Kafka Platform such as receive.buffer.bytes or even ssl.keystore.key.

Additional Kafka Properties (Kafka Source Asset)

For a list of available properties please check Confluent Consumer Configurations (opens new window).

Attention: Kafka properties take precedence

Please note that properties defined here, take precedence over all other settings you may have provided in this UI. You can use this to add, or override Kafka properties using these settings.

# Exclusive partition access

In case you want to exclusively access one or more partitions, then Enable exclusive partition access.

Exclusive partition access (Kafka Source Asset)

Click ADD TOPIC to add new topics. Enter the Topic and Group Id of the consumer group in the new table row.

# Internal

# External

# Potential problems

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